Will kill Hindus if temple built in Islamabad, threatens child

Pakistani father makes his son utter hatred towards Hindus and threatens violence if a Hindu Temple permitted in Islamabad, Tarek Fatah tweets

Allowing a minority community to have its own place of worship has been a hot topic in the Islamic state of Pakistan since the announcement of the construction of a Hindu temple in capital Islamabad. The fundamentalists, who do not want a Hindu temple to be built here, are now taking recourse to violent means. It has begun with rhetoric from indoctrinated children and youth.

A seminary has issued a fatwa against the decision of the government. This led to a cessation in the construction of the temple.

Meanwhile, a video of a Pakistani man has gone viral on social media. In the video, the man, along with his two children, is heard threatening bloodshed if a Hindu temple is built in Islamabad.

In the video, the young man says, “Al salam o alaikum! How are you? Are you doing good? These are my sons who want to teach something.” He then turns the camera towards one of his sons. The child looks barely four or five-years-old.

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Still lacking clarity of linguistic expression, the child threatens Hindus, saying, “Clear the ears! If a temple is built in Islamabad, remember that I will selectively kill Hindus. Understood? Goodbye!”

The young man turns his camera towards the child that is even younger, saying, “yes” in appreciation of his elder son’s message. The younger child stutters to say something perhaps his father alone understands.

The man then turns the camera towards himself and says in Punjabi, “Look, brother (I warned you already)! The rest is your wish.”

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Canadian Pakistani Tarek Fateh, who considers himself an Indian, has shared the video on social media. He wrote, “Pakistani father makes his son utter hatred towards Hindus and threatens violence if a Hindu Temple permitted in Islamabad. Check out the pride in the father’s eyes. Shocking.”

The video, after going viral, elicited different reactions on social media. People asked whether Pakistanis really teach their children to hate.

Pakistani Muslims like Saqlain Shah acknowledge the issue. Using his verified Twitter handle, the professor and columnist says, “We want Muslims to be treated fairly in (the) West but we kill a Christian when he buys a house in our neighbourhood. We want more mosques in Berlin but we can’t allow a Hindu temple in Islamabad. We are the ignominious hypocrites, the fake custodians of faith, and the agents of chaos.”

But, Twitter users like Ahmed, who responded to Saqlain’s tweet, say that they are meant to raise the Islamic flag around the world. Not to install fetish in their homes.

Ahmed writes, “It is our responsibility to spread the name of Allah to the whole world. We are born So that make people Muslim. We are born to walk in the path of Allah.”

Then there is one Dr Tahir who believes it is not right to blame every Muslim for such utterances. Because there are few incidents of the type happening in Pakistan. According to this Twitter user, non-Muslims are completely free to follow their religion in the Islamic ‘republic’. But if the construction of a temple in Islamabad is allowed, it would violate the Islamic tenet of “tauheed” (unitary god).

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