IB chief blames Pakistan for Uri attack

New Delhi: The Director of Intelligence Bureau, Dineshwar Sharma, blamed Pakistan for the Uri terror attacks calling it just one of the scores of such dastardly acts which originated from across the border in last few decades.

In his opening remarks at the second meeting of the high level security experts to strengthen SAARC’s anti-terrorism mechanism, the IB chief urged members to ratify and implement various sanctions against terrorist entities and organizations. The meeting was attended by the intelligence chiefs of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives.

He also warned that self-radicalisation over internet and social media, and spread of influence of Islamic State all over, including in our country, has added new dimensions to the threat.

Further, spreading of fake currency helps in sponsoring terror and destabilizing economies of South Asian countries, he said.

Director General of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan Aftab Sultan did not attend the meeting.


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