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How Tata Motors beat Chinese competition, first Indian car company to do so

Not only did Tata Motors win a case against a firm of China that was selling a copy of JLR for Rs 70 lakh, but it also beat other Chinese car makers in sales worldwide

New Delhi: Tata Motors has become India’s first car maker to register a sales figure of 1 million. It is now the 16th most successful company in the world in the sales of light vehicles.

Tata Motors also world’s third fastest growing brand

Tata Motors has achieved this position in the market by leaving two Chinese car companies Chang’an and Saic Motor behind. Tata Motors sold 10,49,253 cars in 2018. It had sold 9,86,853 units in 2017.

According to JATO Dynamics, an automobile consultancy firm, Tata Motors is the third fastest growing brand in the top 20 automobile companies worldwide. It sells 50% of its cars in India alone. It is the third fastest growing brand in the world’s top 20 car companies.

India’s largest car company in terms of volume

JATO’s global analyst Felipe Munoz said this was a great achievement for an Indian company. This is the first time an Indian auto company has sold more than 1 million cars. Munoz said it was good to sell 10 lakh vehicles, but this is not enough. Tata Motors, despite being the largest car maker in the country in terms of volume, is far behind the world’s largest auto companies.

JLR’s market share in the premium segment

Munoz said, last year, Tata Motors was approaching Japan’s Subaru. It has left behind some auto companies in China.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the British unit of Tata Motors, has increased the range of its models. It has launched new-technology cars. JLR’s market share in the premium segment is around 5.5%, but Tata needs to increase sales in the second segment too.

Tata won case against Chinese company

Recently, Tata Motors’ luxury car Jaguar Land Rover won a big case against a local company of China. The Chinese company was selling a copy of JLR for Rs 70 lakh per unit, affecting the brand and sales of Tata Motors.

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