Hindu warrior Tapan Ghosh no more: Obituary

Tapan Ghosh was a man to whom the survival of the Hindu civilisation mattered more than party and organisational affiliation and loyalty

Hindu Samhati founder and former RSS pracharak Tapan Ghosh died this evening, succumbing to the coronavirus disease (COVID) he was receiving treatment for in a hospital of the city.

Informing the people with a grim message, Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta called Ghosh one of the “most dedicated soldiers fighting for Hindu unity and sangathan in West Bengal”. “He gave his life to this cause, inspiring thousands through personal example. He will always be remembered and provide constant inspiration,” the journalist-turned-MP tweeted.

While Ghosh had been an RSS pracharak, more than a decade ago, he had quit to set up the Hindu Samhati in 2007. His departure from the RSS, according to him, was a fallout of a tiff with the BJP leadership during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee rule. While Bangladeshi rangers had killed Indian soldiers, Christian terror outfit NLFT had also taken four RSS men hostage and carried them to Bangladesh.

Obituary: Hindu warrior Tapan Ghosh no more

According to the Hindu warrior who breathed his last, succumbing to coronavirus today, he had pleaded with LK Advani, the then deputy prime minister of the country, who could not help rescue Ghosh’s friends stuck in the hostile neighbouring country. On Facebook, Ghosh wrote a long, moving article, recalling that ordeal of pleading with New Delhi to extricate his friends from danger — friends whom finally the Bangladeshis had killed.

Francois Gautier copied the story on his timeline:

Hindu Samhati has branches in every district of West Bengal and in parts of Assam and Jharkhand. The organisation first made a mark in the period 2007-08 with a blog it ran, which made unsubstantiated claims of persecution of Hindus. The blog, the links of which appeared in the social media Orkut, which was very popular those days, was not taken seriously.

BJP workers and supporters as well as RSS swayamsevaks began maintaining a distance from Tapan Ghosh when he drew close to the Trinamool Congress in general and Mamata Banerjee in particular. While supporters of the party ruling at the Centre alleged Ghosh’s ideology was now compromised, he defended his altered politics by saying a certain organisation could not be regarded as the sole custodian of Hindus and, for the sake of the community, his karyakartas needed to be present in every political organisation.

In 2018, however, Ghosh was reported to have severed ties with the organisation that he had created, writing in a social media post that he wanted to “disband Hindu Samhati”. “There comes times when vested interests develop in an organisation gaining strength and stability… people start to feel a comfort zone,” he had said.

Some time ago, Ghosh had been invited by Conservative British MP Bob Blackman to give a speech at the House of Commons. He made news in 2018 for his Israel visit too, where he said the struggles of Jews and the Hindu community were analogous. He was among the few who had long advocated moving the Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The world knows how the leftist cabal had reacted when just the US moved its embassy to the city of Biblical significance.

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