Google launches smart messaging application Allo

21 September: Google’s much anticipated new messaging application, Allo, which has the potential to rival WhatsApp, and Apple’s iMessage, has been launched.

During the I/O developer conference in May this year, the technology giant had announced that it would release a new messaging application Allo, and a video calling application Duo, as part of its communication platform.

Experts consider Allo as the most advanced messaging service till date. Beyond the regular features of a messaging application like sending texts, photos, locations etc, Allo will be able to automatically respond on behalf of the user, spot differences between images and accordingly suggest an appropriate reply.

Other than smart responses, the artificial intelligence powered Google Assistance, reminiscent of Apple’s Siri, can help in daily situations like restaurant suggestions during a conversation on food, or list out local films when planning for a movie. The suggestions will become more accurate over time based on preferences of the user.

A new feature called Whisperout will allow users to customize an emoticon or a picture by doodling on the screen. However unlike WhatsApp, calls cannot be made using this application.

Users can download Allo from Google Play Store on any Android device.

By Sirf News Network