Ghotki riots conspiracy to intimidate Hindus: Pak human rights committee

The Ghotki district in the Sindh province of Pakistan witnessed riots when a Muslim student who had been scolded made a false accusation against his Hindu teacher to settle scores

The anti-Hindu violence in Ghotki of the Sindh province of Pakistan was part of a conspiracy to engineer communal riots in the area and intimidate the Hindu society. This claim has been made by a committee appointed to investigate the incident.

On 15 September, anti-Hindu violence broke out in Ghotki of the Sindh province. The rioters damaged and looted many shops of the Hindu community. The Hindu temple in the town was attacked, too. The houses of the Hindu community were targeted for mass murder of Hindu men. A case was registered against 218 people in this case.

The violence erupted when a student accused his Hindu teacher of blasphemy.¬†Widespread protests erupted in the Ghotki district after an FIR was filed against the principal of Sindh Public School on the complaint of Abdul Aziz Rajput, a student’s father who claimed that the teacher had committed blasphemy by uttering derogatory remarks against the Prophet of Islam, say media reports.

Following the riots, protesters demanded the police to arrest the principal, who was identified as Notan Mal. The teacher was arrested. After the violence erupted, the student said that the teacher had scolded him. The student said the rebuke angered him and so he made a false accusation against the teacher. He apologised to the teacher subsequently.

The Ghotki city was shut down and the Hindu community is under a threat.

The Human Rights Ministry of Pakistan instituted a committee to investigate the incident. The committee included Hindu MPs, other people’s representatives, lawyers, human rights and social workers. The team went to Ghotki and interacted with people and took stock of the situation. The team, in its report submitted to the ministry, said that the Ghotki incident was part of a conspiracy hatched to create fear in the Hindu community and to cause communal riots in the area.

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