GDP numbers reiterate India’s Unstoppable story under PM: Shah

New Delhi: BJP chief Amit Shah today asserted that  the acceleration in the growth rate of the country’s GDP underlined the “India Unstoppable” story under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described the growth in the manufacturing sector as a very positive sign.

“Today’s GDP numbers reiterate the #IndiaUnstoppable story under PM Narendra Modi. The strong rebound in growth is a reflection of solid economic management by the Modi government,” he said.

“India’s rise in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings, upgrade by Moody’s, praise by Standard & Poor’s and the strong growth in Q2 show that India’s rise is inevitable.The Modi government’s efforts are ensuring better prospects for each Indian,” the BJP chief said.

Reversing the trend after five quarters of a decline in the GDP growth, the Indian economy expanded by 6.3 per cent in the July-September quarter, due to a pick-up in manufacturing.

“The significant uptick in the manufacturing sector is a very positive sign for our economy and will further boost ‘Make in India’ and generate more employment,” Shah said.

While Congress has sought to target GST and demonetisation as poll plank in Gujarat election, BJP is set to project the growth figure in the Gujarat poll campaign as an evidence of a strong economy under Modi.

“The pleasant figures that have come out today show that the country has accepted demonetisation and GST, and imbibed them,” Shah said in a statement.

The reforms by the central government were leading to a faster growth as well as creating a strong and stable economy, with increased opportunities for the poor and middle class, the BJP chief said in a series of tweets.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao hit out at the Congress, saying its gloomy predictions for the economy had fallen flat on the faces of former prime minister Manmohan Singh and former finance minister P Chidambaram.

As predicted, the economy had rebounded strongly in the second quarter (of the current financial year) and would gather further momentum in the quarters ahead, he said.

“The Congress’ cynical attempt at predicting an economic gloom, fully knowing that the GST would recalibrate the economy, has fallen flat on the faces of Manmohan Singh and P Chidambaram. They had brought the economy to the brink of a precipice during the UPA rule,” Rao added.

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