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Facebook removes 687 Congress-linked pages for peddling fake news

Facebook has removed 103 FB and Instagram pages and accounts related to Pakistan Army too, the contents of which were equally dubious

[pullquote]1. Facebook said these pages and accounts were spreading misinformation

2. Congress denied Facebook charge[/pullquote]

New Delhi: Social media giant Facebook said on Tuesday that, due to the sensitive nature of the upcoming Lok Sabha election, 687 fake and spam accounts related to the Congress’s cyber cell have been removed. Facebook said that the action has been taken on account of non-factual news or content on these accounts and pages or their unprofessional behaviour.

Apart from this, Facebook has removed 103 Facebook and Instagram pages and accounts related to Pakistani military personnel, mostly that country’s Army. Similar fake or dubious content was being broadcast using those handles.

‘Dubious Facebook pages detected automatically’

Facebook’s cybersecurity head Nathaniel Gleacher said that most of the pages linked to the Congress have been removed and suspended by an automatic system. These pages were linked to Congress’s IT cell.

Gleacher said that these fictitious accounts were spreading wrong information. They were misleading people, he said.

The reason for their removal was not the content shared on these pages alone, Gleacher added. Facebook does not want its platform to be used to mislead people, he said, adding, “We are continuously detecting such pages and accounts.”

The social networking site company informed that these dubious pages’ administrators, as well as those accounts, were sneaking in questionable political news along with local news. It said these reports dealt with the forthcoming elections, along with the candidates, where the content and tenor was consistently anti-BJP.

The investigation by Facebook revealed that these accounts and pages were related to the Congress’s IT cell.

The site management said that sinister elements were running pages linked to the military, Pakistan and Kashmir too fake accounts. It has been found in the investigation that they were Pakistan Army personnel who were running these pages and accounts.

Congress denies charge

Congress leader Manish Tewari said his party did not want to react to the news. “We need to know the truth” of the ‘news’ that a Facebook page is connected to the Congress, he said. He said that no news agency could claim what they have printed is absolutely right.

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