Dubey, ‘Brahmin Shiromani’ of SP, BSP, BJP who killed Brahmins

Vikas Dubey, whom 25 separate police teams are looking for, built his crime world under the patronage of several BJP, SP and BSP politicians

Vikas Dubey, who killed 8 Uttar Pradesh Police personnel in a village of District Kanpur, is still absconding. Police claim that two of the aides of Dubey have been killed already. But there are 60 criminal cases against him, with different accomplices helping him in each case. What is worse, he turned into a mafia with the help of several small and big political figures in the state.

Locals say that the gangster, whom 25 separate police teams are in a lookout for, built his ’empire’ of crime under the patronage of many BJP, SP and BSP leaders in Uttar Pradesh. A fan of Dubey declared him as a ‘Brahmin Shiromani’ on a Facebook page, which has more than 1,000 followers. Dubey poses as a leader in images on social media platforms. What is ironical, several victims of Dubey were Brahmins themselves!

In one of the social media images with Dubey in the frame, he poses with the state’s law minister Brijesh Pathak. In another, where he seeks votes for his wife Richa Dubey for the district panchayat election, Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son and former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav share the frame.

Dubey’s village Bikaru, which is in the news now due to the killing of policemen, had first surfaced on the news map of the country for a case of murder in 1990 where he was allegedly involved. Later, the report against him was withdrawn.

Among the political parties, Dubey had joined as an aide of a BJP leader who used to dominate the Chaubeypur assembly constituency. In the Kalyan Singh government, a minister from Kanpur was considered very close to him.

Subsequently, Dubey drew close to the BSP. With patronage of Mayawati’s party, he remained the head of his village for 15 consecutive years, was a member of the district panchayat for 5 years and now his wife is a member of that panchayat.

Dubey killed Principal Siddheshwar Pandey in 2000 by occupying the land of Tarachandra Inter College to build a market on it. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for this crime, but he was released on bail. Siddheshwar Pandey’s son Rajendra Pandey says that people are afraid of Dubey. Every person is subdued by it. Starts to fear how to speak against him.

Dubey entered the Shivli police station in Kanpur in 2001 and gunned down Santosh Shukla, a minister in the BJP government. Recalling the incident, BAC politician Anubhav Chak says that Santosh Shukla’s anti-faction group, which also included members of the BJP, patronises Dubey and despite the BJP being in government now, he manages to flee the state and take refuge in another.

Sources say Dubey has crossed the border of Uttar Pradesh and is now in Rajasthan. While teams of UP special task force (STF) are after him, interrogation of some of his associates has yielded the information that he might surrender before Rajasthan Police or a court in that state.

The wife of Dubey in fact contested panchayat polls with Samajwadi Party support. “In 20 years, Vikas always got acquitted in every case due to his political connections,” Manoj Shukla, brother of the late Santosh Shukla, said with regret.

In the last 30 years, Dubey has left a mark in the world of terror and 60 criminal cases have been registered against him. Out of these, 20 are cases of murder or attempted murder; 15 cases are registered under the Gangster Act, 19 are of riots, two of the NDPS and one under the National Security Act or NSA.

Chak says when a candidate of any political party wants votes from the area of operation of Dubey, be that for a Lok Sabha or Assembly election, he has to bow to the dreaded gangster.

The son of a farmer, Dubey lives in the village of Bikaru in Kanpur’s Chaubepur block. His house is reported to be like a fortress, with multiple cameras to keep a watch over any movement. His considerable wealth comes from brick kilns, schools and colleges — many of which he is alleged to have forcibly taken over.

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