Pakistan despatching weapons via drones to India

The threat came to light after a Khalistani terrorist module, which was supplied arms through drones in Taran-Taran, was busted in Punjab

The government has taken seriously the incident of Pakistan despatching arms to Punjab using Chinese drones. The Centre has instructed the Army and the BSF to guard the entire India-Pakistan border and LoC. A red alert has been issued. The security forces have been instructed to keep a close watch on any air intrusion of the type on the border.

The threat of arms supply through drones came to light after a Khalistani terrorist module was busted in Punjab. Recently, four Khalistani terrorists were arrested in the Taran-Taran district of Punjab. Several weapons, including an AK-47, were recovered from them. An investigation into the cache revealed that these weapons had been supplied from across the border with the help of GPS-fitted drones.

Drones carrying fake currency, too

Punjab Police said that GPS fitted drones infiltrated into the Indian border seven times till now from Pakistan. A drone of the type can carry goods up to 10 kg at a time. They filled the drones with weapons, ammunition and fake currency notes.

The police have seized the items from the Khalistani terrorists. Army and BSF officials said that soldiers at the surveillance posts had been instructed to be vigilant. A BSF officer said, “This is a new way of the enemy. Through this new method, they are sending arms and ammunition to India. We have directed our troops to keep a close watch on the international border.”

Instructions to shoot drones down along IB

The officer said that troops had been ordered to shoot down any drone near the international border. In addition, the Army has increased patrolling in the border areas of Kupwara, Baramulla, Poonch and Rajouri.

It is feared that terrorist may try infiltration from across the border at this time before winter descends on the region. Lt Gen Alok Singh of the South Western Command said that at the moment there was nothing to worry.

Punjab CM demands action

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had on Tuesday appealed to Union Home Minister Amit Shah to intervene when the matter of arms supply through drones came to light. Amarinder tweeted, “Recent incidents of Pakistan-origin drones dropping consignments of arms & ammunition is a new and serious dimension on Pakistan’s sinister designs in aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370. Request @AmitShah ji to ensure that this drone problem is handled at the earliest.”

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