Digital India is war against touts, says PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said his favourite Digital India initiative is a war against touts and middlemen, helping check black money and black marketing while creating immense job opportunities in small towns and rural areas.
Interacting with beneficiaries of the various Digital India initiatives, Modi associated use of home-grown card network RuPay with nationalism and appealed to everyone to adopt it for digital payments.

“We have to take Digital India forward. Touts are upset with Digital India. We can easily fight for our rights through Digital India,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said people made fun of him when he first spoke of digital payments in the country where people were used to stashing money underneath the pillow and ration could not be availed without middlemen.

But experiences narrated by beneficiaries of how services are reaching people directly are a befitting reply to such naysayers, he said.

“Now middlemen are not required for ration, poor get a full amount of their hard work directly in their bank account. When poor farmers of villages have started adopting digital payment, now they have started spreading new rumours,” Modi said.

He said middlemen are now spreading lies that money is not safe in digital transactions and it is a conspiracy to send money directly to bank accounts which will shut down their business.

He said Digital India has ceased commissions of middlemen and that is why they are obstructing the good work by spreading rumours.

“Digital India has checked black money and black marketing and uprooted middlemen…middlemen are going to create trouble. Modi has created a big problem for them. They will keep abusing from whichever platform they get but we have to take our nation to the forefront of the world,” Modi said.

The government’s digital payment application BHIM saw more than 91.5 crore transactions involving an amount of Rs 10,983 crore in 2017-18, from 1.78 crore transactions worth Rs 695 crore at the end of 2016-17.

Modi asked the beneficiaries to press traders and shopkeepers to install BHIM app to facilitate paying for goods and services digitally.


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