COVID situation in India will remain better than developed world’s: Harsh Vardhan

‘Our COVID fatality rate continues to be around 3.3% and the recovery rate has climbed up to 29.9%. These are very good indicators’

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has assured that the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) in India will never be as bad as the pandemic in some developed countries. The health minister added, however, the country is prepared for the worst-case scenario. “There is no need to anticipate worst-case situation with regard to COVID-19 pandemic in India like in developed countries, but still we have prepared the whole country for the worst situation,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

The Health Minister made this remark today while talking to health ministers and senior officials of states from the Northeast on the current COVID-19 situation via video conferencing.

Vardhan said that India was waging a successful battle against COVID-19. “Our fatality rate continues to be around 3.3% and the recovery rate has climbed up to 29.9%. These are very good indicators. The doubling rate for the last 3 days has been about 11 days, for last 7 days it has been 9.9 days,” he said.

“We have dedicated 843 hospitals exclusively for COVID-19 patients` treatment, which have about 1,65,991 beds in it for the same. Across the country, there are 1,991 dedicated COVID-19 health centres which have 1,35,643 beds. These beds include isolation as well as ICU beds,” Dr Harsh Vardhan added.

The union health minister said that his ministry was continuously coordinating with the states and monitoring the data on a daily basis.

“There are 7,645 quarantine centres across the country. We have distributed 69 lakh N-95 masks have been to various state governments. A total of 32.76 lakh PPE kits have been distributed to state governments by the centre. We started from one testing lab in Pune and now we have over 453 labs in the country,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

“Yesterday evening we evaluated the data from various states and found that only 0.38% of the patients were on the ventilators. 1.88% requiring oxygen support and 2.21% was on ICU beds,” the minister added. Dr Harsh Vardhan said India was ready for all eventualities. 

“A total of 17,847 people have recovered and gone back to their home. Our fatality rate is around 3.3% and the recovery rate has climbed to 29%. These are very good indicators,’’ the minister added.

By Sirf News Network


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