Chinmayanand confesses to most crimes he’s accused of

However, the accuser herself may not be clean. She was seen in a video discussing with some men how to extort money from Chinmayanand.

New Delhi: ‘Swami’ Chinmayanand, senior BJP leader and former minister of state for home, has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days after he confessed to most of the crimes he was accused of. Naveen Arora, Chief of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up for the case, said that the allegations Chinmayanand has accepted include those of making a student of law massage his body and engaging in sexual conversation with her.

The SIT head said that an investigation is still on into the circumstantial evidence presented by the victim. Arora further said that Chinmayanand said that he did not want to speak any further because he was ashamed of his acts.

Chinmayanand sent to 14-days judicial custody

Chinmayanand, accused of sexual abuse of a student or more, has been sent to 14-day judicial custody. A local court in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh gave this order.

Earlier, Chinmayanand had been arrested in the morning of Friday after he was pursued relentlessly for several days. The charges pressed against Chinmayanand include those of sexual harassment and rape registered by a college student and her father. The SIt arrested him at his Mumuksh Ashram in the morning today.

Chinmayanand was then taken to the Medical College of Shahjahanpur for an examination. Advocate Pooja Singh of Chinmayanand said that the SIT team reached Divya Dham with a large number of policemen and arrested the accused.

The ‘swami’ is accused also of blackmailing the law student studying in his college.

The Supreme Court had constituted a two-member special bench of the Allahabad High Court and ordered the formation of an SIT to investigate the matter. The SIT team is headed by the inspector-general of UP Police, Naveen Arora.

Earlier this month, Sirf News had reported one of the videos uploaded on social media by the victim along with the report that the credentials of the accuser herself were not clean. She was seen in yet another video, discussing with some men how to extort money from Chinmayanand. The RSS and the BJP, however, distanced themselves from the accused last week.

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