CBSE Class 10 board exam results will not be out today

There is no convention in the CBSE to announce well in advance that the Class 12 or 10 board exam results are going to be out, unlike what a section of the media is suggesting

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exam results or Class 10 exam results will not be released today. CBSE has issued a statement saying the results may be delayed.

However, like in the case of Class 12 board exam results, the CBSE has not given any official information of the date of the results of the Class 10 board examination. But in the last few years, the CBSE happened to release the results of Class 10 exam two or three days after the results of the Class 12 board exam.

CBSE’s PR Rama Sharma has said that the ‘news’ doing the rounds of both mainstream and social media claiming that the results of the 10th board will be released today is a hoax. He said he wanted to inform the principals, students, their parents and anybody interested that the results of the Class X board exam will not be released today.

Sharma said that the board would issue due information about the date and time of the result through its official communication medium.

Before this, CBSE had said that it would release the results of Class X in the same way without any prior notice as the 12th result was issued. The results of the 12th, one may recall, were released two hours after an announcement rather than a notice of a few days.

As per the convention, chances are high that the CBSE Class 10 result will be announced within the next two days, as it has been for many years when the Class 10 result followed the 12th after three or four days. The CBSE Class 10 pass percentage was 86.70% last year.

As and when the results are out, every examinee can check his/her result on and/or
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