BJP questions Mahagathbandhan: Most opposition parties believe Mamata-led TMC will be an unreliable ally

New Delhi: BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha Wednesday mocked the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for “vying to play an important role” after next year’s parliamentary polls, claiming that most opposition parties don’t consider it as a reliable ally.

He said the TMC should stop dreaming that its supremo Mamata Banerjee will be the next prime minister.

Sinha said the difference between the BJP and the opposition parties is that while the saffron party, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is trying to strengthen and develop the nation, the opposition parties are fighting for power.

His comments come against the backdrop of the TMC vowing to work towards ensuring a ‘secular’ and ‘progressive’ India under the leadership of party chief Mamata Banerjee after the upcoming general election in an event organised to mark the occasion of the Bengal-based party’s 21st foundation day on Tuesday.

“The TMC should stop dreaming that its leader (Mamata Banerjee) would become the next prime minister. I want to ask, has any opposition party extended their support to the TMC or announced that they would support it for the prime ministerial post? In this opposition alliance there are several PM candidates,” the BJP leader said.

“It is really laughable to see that TMC, which has failed to rule West Bengal properly is now vying to play a role at the Centre. Most of the opposition parties don’t trust the undemocratic TMC in their fight.

“Given the past track record of the TMC, all political parties are well aware of problems of working with an autocratic party like it,” Sinha said.

Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee, who is the nephew of the party chief, had on Tuesday described 2019 as the “year of change” and said the party was standing at an “important juncture” where it wanted to play a vital role in New Delhi for the working class.

He said the year would bring good days (“achchhe din”) in the country.

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