Bangladeshis vandalise 200-year-old Shiva temple to grab land

According to Bangladesh Darpan, some Muslim youths there vandalized the 200-year-old Shiva temple on Monday

A group of Bangladeshis vandalised a Hindu temple once again, this time in Village Dighirajan of the Barisal department of District Pirojpur. A report in Bangladesh Darpan says some Muslim youths vandalised the 200-year-old Shiva temple on 6 July. These Bangladeshis could not have had the grouse of funding of a Hindu temple by an Islamic state, unlike the case in Pakistan’s Islamabad, as it was built on privately owned land when it was a part of undivided India.

A video of the incident showing the vandalised temple surrounded by a bamboo fence went viral on social media. It shows a man in blue clothes breaking the bamboo fence with sticks.

The voice of a Hindu youth is heard in the video. He says, “Look how Hindus are exploited here. We have been living here for centuries. But now they are breaking our fence. Look at the state of law and order in the country under the Awami League government. “

Another young man can be heard saying that this was an attempt of plundering and that this act was a deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of Hindus of Bangladesh.

Another young man in a red T-shirt watches the act of vandalism for a while. He then uproots the bamboo fence and throws it in the other direction.

Land grabbers in the area, sources said, had been eyeing the property of Hindus for a long time. Tehsildars Mohammad Shah Jahan Sheikh, Mohammed Hidayat Sheikh and Mohammed Kamarul Sheikh came there and tried to illegally grab land by breaking the bamboo fence.

A Hindu called Dipan Majumdar owns this land. He works as a principal at Shaheed Janani College. He is the vice-president of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council too.

Majumdar alleges that even after his intervention, the Bangladeshis kept breaking the bamboo fence. They also mistreated him and the women of his family, he alleged.

Following the incident, locals told the media that the majority of Muslims among the Bangladeshis continue to exploit Hindus including those who are better off in society. “How long will all this last? We will have to stand against injustice. There is still time, everything can be fixed,” an aggrieved Hindu said to a Bangla newspaper.

Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh is increasing continuously. Reports of several incidents of harassment of Hindus surfaced in May. The World Hindu Federation Bangladesh Chapter said in a press release that in May this year, Bangladeshis demolished 10 temples of Hindus and desecrated the idols of gods and goddesses.

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