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Azad makes maximum out of court’s considerate order

Azad makes maximum out of court’s considerate order

Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan, the firebrand Dalit activist, today made an appearance with a group of demonstrators protesting against the amended citizenship law although the court, while ordering the police to release him, had asked him not to participate in demonstrations in Delhi until 16 February. Of course, the police escorted Azad as per the court order.

Chandrashekhar participated in the protest at the Jama Masjid today against the CAA and NRC. The Bhim Army chief was released on bail on Thursday with conditions. Azad, who arrived at the protest, said he would accept all the conditions of the court and would return from Delhi by this evening.

The Bhim Army head showed a copy of the constitution to the media and said that he was returning to Saharanpur this evening.

Azad said that he considered the constitution of the country as paramount. On the issue of attending the Jama Masjid demonstration, he said, “I have come here to meet the people of my family. This is where I was taken away from my family. I have come to meet the same family.”

Azad is accused of inciting a mob during a protest against the CAA in the Jama Masjid area. He is alleged also to have organised and led a march without the mandatory police permission. He was detained on 21 December, a day after the march. On his first appearance in the court, he was denied bail but yesterday the court upheld his right to protest peacefully while letting him out.

The additional sessions judge granted bail to Azad with certain conditions. The court has ordered him not to hold any kind of protest in Delhi till 16 February. The judge asked Azad to present a bail bond of Rs 25,000.

The court said that if Azad wanted to go anywhere in Delhi including Jama Masjid, before going to Saharanpur, the police would escort him. The judge remarked, “Special conditions call for special measures.” During the pronouncement of the judgment, the lawyer appearing for Azad had said that the chief of Bhima Army would not be safe in Uttar Pradesh.

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