Automobile industry’s issues raised in Rajya Sabha

A Congress RS member has urged the government to take steps to revive the automobile sector and hold a meeting with industry representatives

New Delhi: A Congress Rajya Sabha member on Thursday urged the government to take steps to revive the automobile sector and hold a meeting with representatives of the industry. Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Digvijaya Singh (Congress) said the country’s economy is down and unemployment is rising. The government needs to win back the confidence of the industry, failing which more jobs would be lost.

Speaking about the automobile industry, Singh alleged that at least 1.10 crore people have lost jobs, including 90 lakh from villages in the last year and nearly 5 lakh cars and 30 lakh two-wheelers are kept unsold as inventories. He said 100 car dealers have closed shop and a two-wheeler manufacturer has expressed concern in this regard. In the last year, it has been seen that unemployment has grown in the last 40 years, he alleged.

Singh feared that around 10 lakh labourers would lose their jobs this year due to the slump in the automobile industry. “I want to urge the government to sit with auto industry representatives and find a solution and win back their confidence. “They should focus on tax terrorism that is prevalent. You should direct them to work on stopping the rising unemployment in the country,” he said.

Vishambher Prasad Nishad (SP) raised the issue of people migrating to other States but not getting a reservation. He pointed out to irregularity in lists of reserved category castes and sought Parliament’s intervention in correcting anomalies. He said when people move out of one State where they get a reservation in jobs on the basis of their castes, they do not get the same reservation benefit in other States.

Jaya Bachchan (SP) pointed out the higher tax paid by professionals in the entertainment industry in the Indian film sector. She said they are paying a 42.7% tax, while other professionals are paying less. She pointed at the problem of infringement of intellectual property rights in India and said the country is considered as the second largest offender of intellectual property rights in the world.

Vikas Mahatme (BJP) demanded rules to regulate biowaste generated at homes. He said a large number of people are suffering from diabetes and 16 crore insulin syringes are disposed of in garbage at home. These syringes and needles can cause the spread of deadly diseases like HIV/Hepatitis among family members and household helpers as workers pick up such biomedical waste generated at home, he said.

L Hanumanthaiah (Congress) urged the government to employ quality lawyers and increase their honorarium to help the needy to get quality legal aid services in States and districts. “I urge the government to select and empanel quality and committed lawyers and increase their honorarium. Because the honorarium in free legal aid cases is very less, they are not taking interest and are not giving quality legal services to these people. Because of this, the needy people are not getting quality legal services in the country. The government has to look into that and employ quality lawyers and increase their honorarium,” he said.

Rewati Raman Singh (SP) urged the government to construct a six-lane NH-76E from Prayagraj to Mirzapur and also a flyover in Allahabad to ease traffic in the area.