Army chief: People fed up with terrorism in J&K

Pandits have started asserting themselves, saying this official stand of the Indian state, voiced through the army and political parties, is as much of an ‘obfuscation’ as the opinion of separatists who divert the issue from the ‘clash of civilisations’ to sundry events

Indian Army chief Gen MM Naravane observed today that the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have met with a lot of success of late as people there are fed up with terrorism. According to Gen Naravane, the locals want normalcy to return to the Union territory.

“As far as Jammu and Kashmir or our western neighbour is concerned, we have had a lot of successes in the last one week or ten days. In the last 10-15 days alone more than 15 terrorists have been killed there,” Naravane told reporters on the sidelines of the IMA’s passing out parade which he addressed as the reviewing officer.

“All this has been because of the close cooperation and coordination between all the security forces operating in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir,” the Indian Army chief said.

Gen Naravane said a majority of the recent anti-terrorist operations were based on information that the locals provided, which is an indication that they were fed up with terrorism and want normalcy to return to the valley.

“Most operations have been carried out on the basis of information provided by locals which goes to show they are also absolutely fed up with militancy and terrorism and want that the situation should return to normal,” the army chief said.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri Pandits have started asserting themselves through mainstream media channels, saying this official stand of the Indian state on Kashmir in particular — as much as the stand of terrorists and separatists — is “obfuscation”. “The government of India must recognise this as a clash of civilisations,” said commentator Ashish Dhar on Zee News on 12 June. Citing Samuel P Huntington, Dhar told his Muslim co-panellists and the anchor that the Pandits was thrown out of the valley amid bloodshed and mayhem solely because they were Hindus, whose marginal existence in the valley was intolerable to Muslims. Listen in:

Why the virtual scrapping of Article 370 is not enough for Kashmiri Pandits to return to their land, explains Ashish Dhar
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Thank you Ashish Dhar ji for speaking boldly and truthfully. The issue has gone unacknowledged for generations and those who change topics and create confusion deliberatley to avoid addressing the real communal cause should be ashamed of themsleves. The first step towards compassion and rebuilding is to ACKNOWLEDGE the real problem. It is a shame that this has not been done by leaders, governement and the wealthy and influential of the Kahsmiri Hindu communities or the rest of Bharatiya population who knows very less on the matter. Our blessings and support with you!

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