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Aaj Tak, Thrissur case no proof of coronavirus cure [fact check]

Aaj Tak overlooks the fact that the patient from Kerala is not the first case; those suffering from coronavirus have recovered before this

The website of Aaj Tak has published a story that claims it’s just a matter of time that a report from the National Institute of Virology would arrive, telling the world India has found a cure for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Sirf News studied reports from across countries to find the claim a hoax.

Even as China struggles to contain the spread of coronavirus, claiming more than 900 people have lost their lives to the pandemic while the actual toll may be quite higher, among scientists working day and night to find a cure for this disease, those in India make the world cling to a glimmer of hope, claims Aaj Tak. “In Thrissur, Kerala, a person suffering from coronavirus is now recovering fast,” it says.

When the patient was tested earlier (on 30 January), it was a confirmed coronavirus case. When he was tested again after a few days of treatment, his result is negative, implying that the treatment and medicines administered on the patient have worked on him, the website says. There is no problem up to this paragraph of the Aaj Tak story.

A sample from this sick man was referred to the National Institute of Virology in Kerala. Now the health department is waiting for the final report of the institute regarding the treatment of the young man, says the website. This is not untrue, but it creates an impression that the news of a cure is just around the corner. It may not be.

So far, three people have been confirmed suffering from diseases caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus in India. Thousands of such people have been kept under doctors’ intense supervision after they returned from China or other countries affected by it.

“We had isolated people who came in direct contact with affected persons. All tests were negative so far. In the last two days, 67 samples were tested. Moreover, the second patient undergoing treatment in Alappuzha is negative now. But he will be released only after 28 days’ isolation,” Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja had said last week, adding that the time was not ripe to lower the guard yet.

While the World Health Organisation recommends 14 days of isolation for coronavirus infection, Kerala raised the period to 28 days, declaring the arrival of the biological agent in the state as a calamity. The state withdrew the “calamity” status on 7 February.

The fact that Aaj Tak overlooks is that news of patients suffering from diseases induced by the 2019-nCoV recovering is arriving from across the world. Even China has reported the recovery of some patients. About 8.2% of patients in China have recovered. The extent was 1.3% on 27 January.

Six days ago, Thailand had reported that a patient had been cured, but the country came up with no medical report explaining the biochemical reactions inside the body of the treated patient that led to the cure.

India’s Ministry of AYUSH made a claim of coronavirus cure through alternative medicine, but experts of modern medicine are yet to certify the assertion is true.

So far, China admits 908 people have died due to the deadly coronavirus. According to China’s official statement on Monday, more than 40,000 people are suffering from this virus. The Lancet fears the magnitude of the toll is much higher. US Senator Tom Cotton has accused China of lying. And today a businessman exiled from China has said that at least 50,000 people have lost their lives to diseases caused by the virus while about 1.5 million are infected by it.

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