6 injured in brawl inside Gurgaon prison

Gurgaon: Six people, including three wardens, were injured in a brawl that broke out between two groups inside Gurgaon’s Bhondsi jail, police said.

A jail officer said the incident occurred at around 8 am on Wednesday when two gangsters, identified as Ashok Bawana and Rajesh Gujjar, got into a fight outside the canteen in phase 1.

Soon they were joined by fellow inmates and a massive brawl broke out. “Around three dozen of inmates from both groups attacked each other with branches of trees,” Superintendent of Police (Prison) Bhondsi, Jai Kishan Chillar said.

Three wardens, identified as Surender, Somnath and Jai Bhagwan, were manhandled while they were trying the stop the fight, Chillar said, adding “The wardens sustained internal injuries and have been admitted to a hospital. Three inmates, Rohit, Rajesh and one other, were injured too.”

This was the second fight between the groups in as many weeks, the officer said.


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