India Handloom brand goes online

New Delhi: The integrated website of ‘India Handloom’ brand was launched this week by Rashmi Verma, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Textiles.

The website is a one-stop platform for all services to consumers, bulk buyers and handloom producers. The website will provide full details of all registered India Handloom producers which will facilitate verification of genuine India Handloom product by customers. They will be able to verify the genuineness of the Brand logo through the registration no. which is printed on every label on the product.

The website will provide information about the retail stores and e-commerce platform from where India Handloom branded products can be purchased. It will also contain a brief description of every product category and tips to identify genuine products.

The contact details of India Handloom brand producers are available for bulk buyers like retail stores, garment manufacturers who will able to directly access the handloom producers registered under the Brand. The web site has also a section where handloom producers can apply online for registration under the Brand and can also track the status of their application.

The ‘India Handloom’ brand was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 7 August 2015, the first National Handloom Day, to endorse the quality of handloom products in terms of raw material, processing, embellishment, weaving, design and other parameters besides social and environment compliance. The main objective is to promote the production of quality products with new designs for winning the trust and confidence of customers by giving particular attention to defect free, hand woven, authentic niche products with zero defect and zero impact on the environment.

The registration under the brand is given after stringent testing of samples in Govt. of India laboratory. By 10 February, 121 handloom producing agencies/enterprises have been given registration under the brand in 33 product categories. Several e-commerce platforms and leading retail stores have been engaged for marketing of India Handloom branded products.

More than 43 lakh people are engaged in this sector with annual production of 720 crore sq.mtrs which is 14% of the total textile sector.  It provides livelihood to large number of rural women and backward sections of the society. Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, is responsible for the development of this sector in partnership with State governments.

The effort is supported by 28 weavers’ service centres and 10 Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology. The National Handloom Development Corporation is responsible for the supply of quality yarn, dyes and chemicals.

In order to address the main challenges of competition from the power loom sector, concerns of consumers about quality, and stagnant wages for weavers, new strategy aims at increasing production of high-value good quality products leading to consumers satisfaction and remunerative earnings to the weavers. A block-level cluster approach to support quality production and ‘India Handloom’ brand for market positioning are two key elements of the new strategy.

Documented success stories have established that a number of handlooms along with new jobs have increased wherever market-linked design intervention has been taken up for supporting weaving of quality handloom products. Such efforts are being further strengthened by the launch of the ‘India Handloom’ brand.

JK Dadoo, Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor; Alok Kumar, Development Commissioner for Handlooms and other senior officers of Ministry of Textiles were present on the occasion.

While launching the website, the secretary(textiles) said that the government was committed to raising the market positioning of handloom products for the development of handloom industry and for increasing wages of handloom weavers. She said that the website will be an important platform for achieving these objectives and would be user- friendly both for consumers as well as handloom producing agencies.


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