3 Bollywood actresses who had a crush on Rahul Gandhi

There was a time many girls swooned over the looks of Rahul Gandhi. That included leading ladies in Bollywood.


Mumbai: It ís Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s birthday today. He celebrated his birthday with party leaders and workers. Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 in Delhi. While Rahul Gandhi is a social media star for varied reasons, not the least of which is being the head of the oldest party in the country, a section of Bollywood is just crazy about him.

Rahul may be always on the radar of critics, media and political citizens, but there was a time when, on the one hand, people held high hopes of his leadership prospects and, on the other, many girls swooned over his photograph. That includes leading ladies in India’s tinsel town.

Just a few days ago, actress and model Mahika Sharma had observed a fast in sheer love of Rahul Gandhi. Mahika expressed her love for Rahul Gandhi by writing a post on Instagram. She wrote she was fasting in Chaitra Navratri to please Goddess Durga so that Rahul Gandhi won in the Lok Sabha election. Of course, Ma Shakti did not tell Mahika, “So be it!”

Mahika Sharma

Well, this is not the first time an actress fell for Rahul Gandhi. Actress Negar Khan of Chadhti Jawani Meri fame had said in an interview, “Rahul Gandhi looks cute to me. His face is like an actor. I want to work with him!”

Negar Khan

Earlier, Kareena Kapoor had accepted she had had a crush on Rahul Gandhi. Kareena wanted to go on a date with Rahul and talk to him for hours on end. This was revealed during an interview way back in 2002. Kareena had said, “Should I say this? I want to know him this may be controversial: Rahul Gandhi.”

Kareena went on, “There is something in him. Whenever I see his photographs in the magazines, I wonder how it would be to talk to him.”

On being asked whether she would like to date Rahul Gandhi’s, Kareena had said, “I am from a film dynasty. Similarly, many in Rahul Gandhi’s family are associated with politics. It would be interesting to talk to him.”

However, in 2009, Kareena denied having said so. But here’s the proof she’d said it indeed.

Siddharth Raghvendra Raghuvanshi

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